Urosurgeon in Nashik

Laparoscopic Urological Surgery

If someone had been to name the three revolutionary innovations within the good reputation for surgery, most of these will be the discovery regarding antisepsis, the development of anesthesia, and the advent of minimally invasive surgery. The best objective involving minimally invasive surgery would be to existing an alternative choice to open surgery with equal rewards and reduced morbidity. Traditional laparoscopy provides the advantages of reduced postoperative pain, reduced convalescence, and enhanced cosmesis. Cortesi documented the very first use of laparoscopy for urology surgery as a diagnostic tool in a patient with undescended testes in 1976, but its use for any therapeutic procedure wasn’t noted till Clayman completed the first laparoscopic nephrectomy within 1990. This novel method, which reproduces the actual concepts associated with open up surgery, has dramatically improved patient final results by just changing the surgical method.