What is Medical Termination Of Pregnancy (MTP)?

Intentional termination of a pregnancy before it reaches full term is called medical termination of pregnancy (MTP). It is induced abortion. In India, MTP is legalized but with certain riders, so that people do not misuse it. These riders and restrictions have been put in place so that illegal female feticides can be controlled and monitored. However, in some countries, MTP is still not accepted or legal as there are many religious, ethical and social issues involved.

MTP is mainly done to get rid of unwanted pregnancies that arise out of casual unprotected sex or sometimes even failure of the contraceptives or even unfortunate incidents of rape.

There are also other medical reasons when MTP is performed. When there is an issue in the pregnancy or the developing fetus, which is likely to be fatal for both the other and the fetus, then MTP is done. MTP is generally safe during the first trimester of the pregnancy.

But, there are many disturbing trends that come to light when one speaks of MTP. Many unqualified people do it risking the lives of both the fetus and the mother. Secondly, when through some illegal means, the sex of the child is determined and if found to be a female child, MTP is performed. These practices are dangerous, risky and very disturbing. Here it is very important to spread the right information about the abortions and provide counselling.